Outdoor Kitchen Designs in Vancouver and the Portland Metro Area

People flock from across the country to Washington in search of pleasant breezes and mild summertime temperatures. With lower humidity and moderate climate during the summer to enjoy outdoors, why would you want to spend any more time than necessary inside of an indoor kitchen?

D & D Home Interiors LLC is ready to extend the reach of your kitchen into the great outdoors with innovative design and careful planning. Find your inspiration with our outdoor kitchen designs in Vancouver and the Portland Metro Area. Our approach maximizes the functionality of your outdoor patio environment and the enjoyment your family realizes during the big summer holidays. When the weather outside turns frightful, your outdoor kitchen will prove quite useful when preparing chili and cheese fondue.

Any season in Washington is a great time to be outdoors. Make the Douglas firs and passing beavers a part of your kitchen décor when you invest in a new meal preparation area for your exterior landscape. Your meals will be tastier, and your neighbors will be sure to enjoy every community event you decide to hold at your home.

Engage the Great Outdoors

Our focus on home interiors and our experience with remodeling projects make our company a logical choice for any kitchen renovation. Many of our clients live in vintage homes with limited interior space. A great way to maximize the value of living in the Pacific Northwest is our custom outdoor kitchens.

Our outdoor kitchen plans include just about every element you need to enjoy the changing leaves and the view of Mt. Hood. Tell us more about your vision for an outdoor kitchen, and we’ll create a design that includes natural granite counters and modern fixtures. We have decades of experience working with limited spaces and unique outdoor places. Our team is eager to improve the place you call home.

Improve the Space You Have

Having a kitchen on your patio is about more than just enjoying the weather outdoors. Many of the clients we serve live in historic homes with limited space. A smartly-designed patio kitchen can give a growing family more room and greater versatility. See what is possible today and schedule a consultation with our design team.

Equip your new kitchen with the finest appliances and fixtures on the market today, and build something that makes your life easier and more enjoyable. Cheer on your team during football season from a fully-apportioned kitchen that is only limited by your imagination.

Wide view of custom outdoor kitchen

Custom outdoor kitchen counter and bbq

Custom outdoor kitchen countertop

Custom outdoor kitchen side angle

Custom outdoor counter sink cut out

Custom outdoor kitchen grill space

Custom outdoor kitchen bbq

Side view of custom outdoor bbq grill space

Custom outdoor kitchen bbq bricks

Closeup of custom outdoor kitchen bbq space

Contact us today for innovative outdoor kitchen designs that let you take full advantage of the surrounding landscape. We proudly serve customers in Vancouver and the Portland Metro Area.